Our Services

Passenger Services

providing passengers with the necessary assistance to navigate the intricacies of modern travel with ease and confidence, the aim is to guarantee a secure, pleasant, and comfortable travel experience.

Ramp Services

By being prepared for takeoff and landing, we are able to operate safely and efficiently throughout the flights. Providing these essential ground-handling services, ramp service staff help to ensure that passengers and crew members can travel with confidence and peace of mind.

Ticketing and Reservation Services

Ensure that passengers can book and purchase flights easily and efficiently. By providing high-quality customer service and support, ticketing, and reservation staff help to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty while also supporting the overall success and competitiveness of the airline.

Cabin Services

To ensure that passengers have a clean, safe, and comfortable travel experience. By performing these important tasks, cabin cleaning staff help to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness while ensuring that the aircraft is fully prepared for its next flight

Cargo Services

Operate the business of providing services for receiving and delivering goods and parcels by air under quality, speedy, and impressive services to customers with standardized services

Catering Services

Ensure that passengers have a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience. By providing

high-quality meals and refreshments, catering staff help to enhance customer satisfaction and

loyalty, while also supporting the overall success and competitiveness of the airline.

Intelligent Smart Application for Ground Handling ISAG

Revolutionize your ground handling operations with iSAG.

The Intelligent Smart Application for Ground handling provides real-time tracking and monitoring of all aspects of operations, including baggage loading, check-in activity, passenger special

service, and more. With iSAG, you have complete control and flexibility, no matter

where you are.

Departure Control System

iPax NG System is a departure control system developed with global airlines and ground service providers. It automates passenger check-in, improves airport services, and ensures safe and on-time flights. It aims to facilitate work with partner airline connections.